Game 5

   Tunnel Tag

This activity is actually a great dribbling drill too. It teaches players awareness while working on ball control. Set up an area at least 15 yards x 15 yards marked by discs or cones. Each player will have a soccer ball.

On the whistle the players will control their own ball in the designated area. The coaches will roam the field and try to tag players. When a player is tagged by the coach they must spread their legs wide and hold their ball up over their head. The only way to get back in the game is by one of their teammates dribbling their own ball through their legs.

This drill focuses on keeping your head up and having awareness to the surroundings. They have to know where the coaches are at all times and at the same time try to navigate the field of play to help save their teammates.

Remind players to communicate to the other players that they need to be unfrozen.