Receiving Game 1


This exercise will allow players to practice kicking and receiving the ball

1) Divide players into pairs.  1 player will kick and the other will receive (alternating)

2) Coach announces how Player 2 will receive ball.   Player 1 kicks the ball to Player 2. 

a. Receive the ball by Stopping it with your foot

b. Receive the ball by Stopping it with your foot and then sitting on the ball

c. Receive the ball by immediately kicking it back to Player 1

d. Receive the ball, turn and dribble it to the goal.

e. Etc.

Variation: Come up with your own ideas.  They don’t need to necessarily be official soccer moves – although try to not involve hands in stopping the ball – as you don’t want them to get in the habit of using their hands (which is illegal in a game).

For the Coach: Remember the number of toe touches is important during practice… so feel free to pratice this one for a little longer than normal.