Communication Game 3

Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

This exercise will allow players to practice communicating, acting fast and kicking the ball.

1) Divide players into 2 teams.  They shoul each have at least 4 balls in each “bedroom” – preferably more if there are some available. 

2) When you yell “Clean your Room” all the kids will run to a ball and try to kick it through the door to the other bedroom – note however, kids must stay in their own room.

3)  The kids should keep trying to “clean the room” as players from the other team continue to kick balls into the bedroom. 

4) The first bedroom to have no balls in it, wins.

Variation: Add more than 4 balls to a bedroom.

For the Coach: Encourage the kids to talk and pass the ball to each other – it will help them get the balls out of their room more quickly.