Communication Game 2

Match Game

This exercise will allow players to practice communicating, running fast, kicking and receiving the ball.

1) Place 1 soccer ball on the field for each kid (randomly placed on field). 

2) All kids should stand near coach at the start of the game.

3) Coach announces that they should kick a ball to a player that has “blonde hair”.  The kids will run as fast as they can to any ball on the field and find a blonde haired player to kick it to (there may be more than 1 blonde haired child).  If someone else has that ball, they need to run and find a different one.

4) If a child is blonde haired player, they can yell I’m open to help the others find the blonde haired player.

5) Continue by picking other traits (glasses, a certain color shoe, pony tail, braids, a specific players name, etc)

For the Coach:  If they are having troubles finding the player that matches your description… go near the “blonde haired” player and help them yell, “I’m open”.