Red Light Green Light

Red Light, Green Light

  • Start all of the players on one sideline shoulder-to-shoulder, each with a soccer ball.
  • The end-line is the opposite sideline.
  • The coach should move 15-20 yards away from the closest player.


  • With the coaches back to the players, yell "GREEN LIGHT," and the players try to dribble to the coach.
  • The coach then yells "RED LIGHT," the players must quickly stop the ball. The coach should wait a moment and then turns to face the players.
  • Any player moving must take 1 big step backwards.

  • Variations:  Limit the players to dribble with their right foot only/ left foot only/ bottom of the foot only.

Remind them it’s important to:             

  • Listen to coach’s commands.
  • React quickly to verbal queues.
  • Dribble with speed, but keep the close.
  • Make sure the players hold the ball close so they can stop quickly.