Coaches shall hold at least one practice per week (older players may practice up to 2 times per week). 

Consistent weekly practices tend to work best for families (as they can prepare their schedules more easily).  Sign up for your practice time with the HOVSA Registrar or Coaching Coordinator.  We turn all game and practice times in to the Village, so that they have an opportunity to still rent out fields when HOVSA is not using them.  If you plan to change times/ day-of-the-week, please alert Registrar or Coaching Coordinator. 

In the even that you do need to reschedule a practice, please make sure it is communicated to your team and most importantly to the parents.  Do not depend on the players to tell their parents. 

A practice is generally 1 hour long (although may be up to 2 hours for older players once school is out for the year).  It should include warm ups, skills training, scrimmaging (and conditioning for older players).