Game Day

You and your team should plan to arrive at least 15-30 minutes before game time to warm up and get organized. 

For Home Games - you will need to put the flags out on the corner of the fields.  Also put game balls out (1 ball by each goal, and 1 at midfield).

Introduce yourself to the Refs.  Hand them the envelope that contains their payment.

For teams 12U and older - Officials will need a completed game/ player roster before each game.  They will use this to check in players.  Upon completion of the game, referees will record the score and get a signature from both coaches.

Refs will likely come over and do an equipment check prior to the game.  When doing so, players should stand in a straight line.  The Ref will walk down the line looking for shin guards and players will need to show the bottom of their cleats (note that soccer cleats do not have a front cleat like baseball and football cleats).  They will also make sure that players aren't wearing jewelry.

When the game is over - the teams shall line up to meet the opposing team with 'High Fives' and say 'Good Game'.  10U and older should line up with goalies first.  Coaches shall be at the end and also participate in this ritual.